Plans for the Future

Local architect Geraint Lewis was commissioned to outline plans for the development of St.Winefride's on strength of his excellent reputation and familiarity with the church buildings

Click on the links below to see larger versions of the plans

Front view with new church hall

Section through church and new church hall

Plan view with new church hall

Plan view temporary stage with present church hall

The development is planned to take place in two major sages. Stage one is temporary and consists of necessary repairs to the church, such as removal of cement pitch and subsequent re-pithching of the walls and repairs to the roof. It will be noted that major structural repairs are not required, now or later. The present entrance will be replaced by one on the side of the church in order to facilitate disabled acess. The second stage, as seen above, includes a new church hall with a connecting passage to the church which includes up-to-date facilities and the church shop.

The plans have been on display to parishoners and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. To date, more than 260 parishoners have declared their support to the retention of the present site, and the general opinion is that these plans meet the future needs of the parish in a most excellent way.

Disclaimer: SoS Save our St. Winefride's is a private charity and not associated with the Catholic Parish of Aberystwyth of the Dioscese of Meneva.